we were never tragedies

and who am i? that's one secret i'll never tell.


I never was good at keeping my things in order. I used to lose my diaries, school papers, greeting cards and accidentally delete important texts. I still do. I can't remember what I ate yesterday or how I felt after watching my favourite movie for the first time. That's why I have this.

This is a diary, the only kind I'm able to keep. Because, sometimes I will wake up and feel like I need to write down my thoughts and feelings so later, I can go back and remember. Sometimes I see a funny video and think, damn, I should post this somewhere, so I can watch it when I'm sad. Sometimes I'm bored and like to fill memes, or write descriptions about me, so I can later read them and see if I have changed. I know I will. 

I do, however, also comment in some communities, and if that's how you found me, I can also be found on tumblr and last.fm.


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